Leadership • Vision • Trust

Transparency and Accountability

Wayland believes that the Sheriff is accountable to the people they serve. Under his leadership community policing, side-by-side training, and partnering with the public will be the focus of the Oklahoma County Sheriff. Wayland also knows that we must hold individual citizens accountable, but do so with compassion. He believes that everyone has value and can flourish given the right opportunities and circumstances. 

Mental Health

Law enforcement intersects with almost every social issue that impacts our community. Under Wayland’s leadership there will be a focus on mental health and providing county residents the help they need in a crisis. Law enforcement officers often act as first responders and Wayland will ensure that they receive the proper training and resources to assist those who need it the most.


Criminal Justice Reform

Wayland does not believe that locking up every person and throwing away the key is the right approach to law enforcement. He will be a responsible voice at the collaborative efforts on criminal justice reform. Wayland knows that complex issues require bold solutions and he will partner with the community to find innovative solutions that help individuals, reduce our jail population for non-violent offenders, and focus on helping people with compassion.

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